Over 60 interesting photoshoots spot !

The Shore 3D Interactive Park was officially opened on 15 October 2016 in The Shore Melaka.  Worth RM3 million, it is expected to become a hot tourist attraction that contributes to the state's tourism industry Melaka.

The Shore 3D Interactive Park is a 13-in-1 3D elements
in one theme park in Malaysia, the first and the largest in Melaka.

There are over 60 exciting shooting elements.
Some of them use the Augmented Reality Techonology which will surely stimulate the imagination of the visitors.

This new theme park has a hologram Theatre, being the largest and first in Melaka.

Mr. Chert Chew Fong (CEO)of The Shore 3D Interactive Park said, "Visitors will be able to experience a variety of new experiences and  effects using high technology".


The 13-in-1 3D elements consist of AR Booth, 3D Wall Art, 3D Image & Movie, Ghost House, Day & Night Dual View, Ames Room, Gravity Hill, Upside Down House, Green Screen Studio, Hologram Theatre, Funny Mirrors, Interactive Elements and Infinity.

3D Interactive Park  is located on the 2nd Floor of The Shore Shopping Gallery.

We are open daily from 10.30am to 9.00pm.
The last entry is 8.00pm.

Adult ticket is RM30 | Child ticket is RM20.